[tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"

From: malmqvist52
Message: 11688
Date: 2001-12-06

--- In cybalist@..., Tore Gannholm <tore.gannholm@...> wrote:
> *****GK: The Getae (not the Goths who at that time
> were still in "Scandzia") ravaged what later (not in
> Caesar's time) became a part of "Germania". At any
> rate from the time of the arrival of the
> Marcomanni.*****
> Just a small comment. The Goths are considered having entered the
> area about the 3rd century B.C.

So they went directly from Scandinavia to Vistula to the Black Sea
and attacked Rome from there together with Gepids and Heruli on only
a few decades. That is good work I must say.
Then what about e g Tacitus then and Ptolemaios? Both wrong, or are
not dealing with any goths on the continent? Fine with me in that
case! Jordanes?

I presume you have read Kokowski Leiber
> "Sch├Ątze-der-Ostgoten".

Also the Swedish archaeologists like professor
> Oscar Almgren says there was a exodus from Gotland between 300-150
> However they didn't know to where.
Interesting! When was the exodus *to* Gotland?

> Polish archeologists, foremosst Wolagiewicz, have carefully studied
> Gotic gravefields in the Weichsel area and found that the oldest
> gravefields to back to the second century B.C.
> In the Roman geographer Strabons writings it says that the Goths
> to an association of Germanic tribes that was under the Marcomanner

Is Your position that Gotland in Strabos time was under the
Marcomanner Marbod? Then maybe the Marcomanner took part in the
exodus *to* Gotland. Interesting indeed!