more Geshur- Sorry

From: malmqvist52
Message: 11676
Date: 2001-12-06

While I was at it I found this page:

A harmless geographical Israelic magazine as I understand it.

One of the towns of Geshur was called Zer.

Since it was an Aramaic town I guess you can safely say that Hadad
was worshipped. But what else? Lord of Zer? Baal-Zer?
From e g Ugarit we know of Baal-Hadad. Was it Baal-Zer-Hadad in Zer?
I can't help see the namelikeness with the nordic Balder-Hod. These
two were also aspects of the same god( the takeover after Odin), or
twin gods perhaps.

(another spellingof hadad is btw hd, hadd)

BTW the Baal-Balder connection seems aknowleged by some scholars, and
the zer-der-part would be easily explaind as a normal z>d
correspondance Hebrew/Aramaic.

Again, Sorry for the off topic