Re: [tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"

From: george knysh
Message: 11672
Date: 2001-12-06

--- Piotr Gasiorowski <gpiotr@...> wrote:
> Here I agree with George on all the major points
> (except in the matter of calling the Getae
> "Thracoid").

*****GK: I have read at some point (forget the source
though) that a case can be made for Albanian as linked
to Daco-Getan rather than "Illyrian". Here I would
take my cue from the linguists. Is that more or less
settled or is there still debate?== The only reason I
called the Getae "Thrakoid" is because of Strabo. In
7.3.2 of his "Geography" he does present the old Greek
view that the Getae are Thracians in a way which
leads one to think that he might not be in agreement.
But almost immediately he "gets" on board, and by
7.3.10 you find him saying that the Getae "are a tribe
with the same tongue as the Thracians", and by 7.3.13
that "the language of the Daci is the same as that of
the Getae". Since Strabo was a much more careful
reporter than Herodotus I suppose this comment should
have some weight. But if it conflicts with irrefutable
evidence to the contrary then of course it must be
rejected or reinterpreted.******

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