Re: [tied] Desna

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 11659
Date: 2001-12-05

I rule out direct borrowing because it is the form of the name that is definitely Slavic. The known Iranian and Baltic cognates are slightly but significantly different. For example, the expected phonological adaptation of Iranian *dašina- would have been *došIn- (*Doshna), certainly not *desna.  The most parsimonious hypothesis at present is that the current name of the Desna is Slavic and so perhaps relatively recent -- unless demonstrated otherwise. The question of the "original" (or rather pre-Slavic) name is of course a different kettle of fish.
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Subject: [tied] Desna

Piotr wrote(4 Dec. 23:14:09):
"Actually, if you want my opinion, the name Desna is
quite certainly Slavic.

****GK: Or Balto-Slavic? Why would you rule out Baltic, given that there are so many Baltic hydronyms in the area? Still, the Iranic origin option remains appealing for reasons earlier outlined. Plus see below. ... *****