Re: "Odin of Asgard"

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Date: 2001-12-03

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> > What was the question then (obvously I didn't get
> > it)? Should Snorri
> > have mentioned the Volga?
> *****GK: Snorri's geography of southeast Europe is not
> overly precise. He seems to think that the Sea of Azov
> is part of the Don. But that is not the crux of the
> "Odin" problem. And it is just possible that his
> "Tanakvisl" refers to some combination of Volga and
> Don (well known to Scandinavian traders and warriors
> of ca. 1000 AD). With one "kvisl" (fork) standing for
> the Volga where it flows into the Caspian, and another
> "kvisl" for the Don itself and the Sea of Azov (Palus
> Maeotis) at whose "bosphorus" were the main cities of
> the Bosphoran Kingdom. But with such an interpretation
> of "Tanakvisl" ASGARD would be even further east, in
> fact east of the Volga. This is all like sand flowing
> though one's fingers... I'll get to the Bastarnae
> later.*****
> >

I see. If you further add an assumption which is "just
possible", the whole theory runs out through your fingers.

BTW how do you make combined rivers? AFAIK <kvisl> is
a "branching", nor a "branch".