pan-IE anthroponyms

From: João Simões Lopes Filho
Message: 11611
Date: 2001-11-30

1) Is there any possibily to reconstruct or deduce PIE anthroponyms, at least the meanings?
2) The more usual form of IE anthroponyms are compounds, like Polybios, Leukippos, Sigismund, Sus^rava, Vis^taspa, etc.
*k^lewos "glory"  >   Greek -klees  Sanskrit -s^ravas  Slav -slavu (? corrupted for slovo?)
cf. Euklees = Sus^ravas-  *Su-k^lewos  "good glory"
horse - Leukippos, Vis^taspa, Krs^as^va, Epona, As^vapati
bear - Bernard, Bjo¨rn, Artognos, Art, Math, Rksha
wolf - Lykourgos, Adolf, Wulfila, Wolfgang
theophoric names
protected by god X; hero of god X, child of god X, animal of god X etc
Thorsteinn, Thorbjo¨rn, Diomedes, Diodoros, Theodoros, etc
3) Why did these compounds almost disappear in Latin?
Latin preferred names like Tullus, Servius, Hostilius, Horatius, Virgilius, Ovidius, etc
Could be the name Lucretia < *Leuko-rotH-ya "White Wheel", parallel to Arianrhod *Argantorota "Silver Wheel".