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From: João Simões Lopes Filho
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Date: 2001-11-30

Samos = summus? Latin summus < *supmos < *(e)x-up-mos
How about Samayim "heavens".

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> > Isn't this also the lot that settles the deal if anything?
> Erh, yes, but the same story is told of how the Etruscans got to
> Italy. This is probably how they did it.
> > I just can't help see some similarities here to Agathyrsus in the
> > Bewulf Ongentheow and the Angantyr in the Icelandic sagas. E g. the
> > the one from the <holmgång> on Samsö.
> >
> > Then the question of the naming of Samsö arises again. Has it
> > anything to do with the way the Thor/Hercules figure in the Old
> > Testament, Samson is thought to have gotten his name- from the
> > Assyrian sun-god Shamash or a corresponding figure?
> My uncle, Jon Galster, wrote "Guldhornenes tale" in which he claims a
> connection between the Sun-god Shamash and similar worship in the
> North, as evidenced by: Samsö, (one might add Samland in East
> Prussia), Sami, Suomi, Samoyed. I must say it is not considered
> good style to assume connections between Afro-Asiatic (or Semitic)
> and Indo-European (and Finno-Ugric) languages, because of the large
> temporal distance between the language families. But as a loan, who
> knows?
> Strabo says that the island Samos was settled by Thracians and that
> in that language the name means "height", which fits in nicely with
> eg. Latin "summus". Were the people who named Samsö IE-speakers? Very
> little evidence.
> > Best wishes
> > Anders
> Torsten
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