Re: [tied] Early Roman Iron Age Burials in Denmark II

From: Alexander Stolbov
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Date: 2001-11-30

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Subject: Re: [tied] Early Roman Iron Age Burials in Denmark II

I've for some time been impressed by the objects below:
This bird or whatever, on this horn from Uppland:

and this gold eagle from Skåne:
By chance, would You know if there are any Sarmatian or Scythian

Thank you so much for these links, Anders.
Unfortunately I haven't succeed to find information concerning dating and
details of discovering. Could you help here please?

I can find a plenty of parallels for these images (at least for the Upplands
one) from the Scytho-Sarmatian world, if necessary.
Now I send a picture of just one object from an early Scythian burial
(7-6 cent.BC - Melgunovskiy kurgan on the upper Ingulets river) which fits
to both your objects simultaneously, IMO.