Re: Goths: IE Languages vs Germanic

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 10487
Date: 2001-10-20

The calendar does seem to be genuine:


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> <<I have been unable to find a dating for the calendar fragment,
> it seems likely to be 6th century, because that was the date of the
> Gothic Kingdom in Italy.>>
> By asking for a cite, I was asking for where and how it was
> The provenance and orthography of such an item really are
> particularly because it seems nothing at all like this has ever
> found.
> <<As for Frederick, it was my guess that he was a saint, but he may
> have been just a martyr. In any case he would have been an Arian,
> his name would not have been perpetuated by Catholicism.... what
> you suggesting? That is is a forgery?>>
> My point "on first impression" was that "(Saint) Frederick" created
> serious dating problem - prima facie.
> <<When you say that this "would not be ancient German", I have
> heard this suggestion before from any of the experts.>>
> The middle ages by convention are sometimes taken to begin at 500
> AD. Something written in Latin e.g. after that date would not be
> "ancient Latin" by that standard. As far as what the experts say,
> don't remember ever hearing about this item, for what it is worth.
> Heather and just about everyone else cites the ON instance to
> "got/thiuda." I'd like to know more. Steve