Methodology: Throw it out the window, folks

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 10417
Date: 2001-10-19

Miguel provides examples that demonstrate his disgust for
methodologically sound comparative linguistics:
>And Latin sanguis < *h1sh2angW-.
>*h1�sh2rgW, *h1sh�ngW- "blood".
>Arm. <leard> (*lepr.t), like Skt. <yakrt> (*yekWr.t) and Grk. G.
><he:patos> (*ye:kWnt-os) prove that this stem ended in -rt, -nt-.

What can I possibly say to these biased assertions? There
is no logical substantiation for *h1�sh2rgW to be found anywhere
and you're always using evidence from only ONE branch or ONE
language to support your psychotic fantasies.

But silly me, I'm just following what has been reconstructed based
on 150 years of intensive research and debate whereupon *-gW is
simply not acknowledged nor possible.

By fighting against Grimm, against Verner, against IndoEuropean
reconstruction, and even against modern Nostratic theory, who is
left to take you seriously, Miguel? I wish you well in some other

- love gLeN

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