Re: [tied] Re: Non-IE elements in IE languages

From: george knysh
Message: 10407
Date: 2001-10-18

--- Piotr Gasiorowski <gpiotr@...> wrote:
> My preferred date for the entry of the Proto-Greeks
> into the Balkans (maybe not yet into Greece proper)
> is something shortly after 2600 BC, about the same
> time when Proto-Indo-Iranian began its independent
> evolution. Some sort of sociopolitical upheaval
> seems to have been taking place in the steppes at
> that time, starting a chain of migrations round the
> Black Sea.

******GK: Kul'baka's archaeology seems pretty close to
this. He suggests (2000, pp. 38-44) that the Budzhak
group of the Late Yamna culture (which he dates ca.
3100-2850) might represent the proto-Greeks
[settlements in contemporary Moldavia and
Odessa/Vinnytsja region], the Starosils'k group= the
proto-Armenians [settlements in contemporary Mykolaiv,
Kherson, Zaporizhja and Dnipropetrovs'k regions],
while the Novotetarovs'k group of contemporary
Krasnodar Kraj= the proto-Indo-Irano-Nuristanis
(before separation). These [G+A+I/I/N]are in fact the
areas where the previously mentioned wheeled
vehicles-in-graves were discovered.== Kul'baka
suggests that the proto-Greeks and proto-Armenians
began to move south after ca. 2850/2800, while the
proto-Indo-Iranians moved west, as a component of the
Catacomb culture (which he dates ca. 2800-2150 BC). He
thinks that the process of Indic and Iranian
separation began here, and accelerated after the
withdrawal of the Nuristanis towards the southeast
sometime after 2500 BC. He has made a painstaking
analysis and inventory of the graves left by the
"Inhul" and "Donetsk" components of the Catacomb
culture, and thinks that on the basis of their objects
and burial systems "Inhul" was developing what might
be viewed as "Iranic" traits, and "Donetsk" "Indic"
traits. Both components of the Catacomb culture began
to move eastwards after 2150 BC.(though many "Indic"
groups stayed behind). Kul'baka noted the discovery
and reconstruction of a primitive "war chariot" in one
of the "Indic" graves of the Zaporizhja region. Not
yet as sophisticated as the later Sintashta chariots
(no spokes yet).*******
> Piotr

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