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Date: 2001-10-16

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> What's the origin of the god KRONOS?
> Kronos seems to be a Greek equivalent of Hurrian Kumarpish
(etymology?), the god who dethroned the father of gods, castrated him
by swallowing his penis (uuurgh!), and, spitting his semen down to
the earth, gave rise to the newer gods, who would be Kumarpish's foes.
> What gods were born from this event? The usual list is Teshub
(storm-god), Shuwalijash (*Sxwel "sun"?) (or Tashmetu) and Tigris
River. Sometimes it's included Shaushqa and a "love god".

> This event seems to be equivalente to 1)Kronos vomitting his
children, 2) Dionysos rising from Zeus''s thigh 3) Aphrodite borning
in the sea foam from Ouranos's semen.

I agree, especially Aphrodite. Didn't the semen get into the sea when
Kronos castrated Ouranos?

> In some Semitic mythologies Kumarpish was identified to
Dagon "grain, corn, wheat". So, I think Kronos < *G^r@..., animated
form of neuter *g^r@... "corn, grain", in a non-Greek Kentum IE
dialect (perhaps Hittite-like, or Tocharian-like).

And Kronos carried a sickle which could be used for cutting grain.

> 1) Anatolian had a god Kumarpish
> 2) Semitic people called him Dagan (DGN)
> 3) Some IE people translated Dagan as *G^r@...
> I think in the archaic form of Theogony, Kronos castrated Ouranos,
swallowed his penis, and spitted the young gods Zeus (Teshub), Hera
or Athena or Aphrodite (Shaushka), and another ones.

That definetly seems like one version of the myth.

> I'm looking for etymologies for Hesiodic and non-Hesiodic Titans'
names: Okeanos,Te:thys, Kreios, Koios, Iapetos (cf. Jafeth),
Eurymedon, Themis, Hyperion, Theia, Mnemosyne, Atlas, Dione, Phoibe:,

I've read that Dione was probably a female equivalent of Dyaus. She
was considered the wife of Zues Naios at the oracle in Dodona and
worshipped in association with an oak tree.

Cort Williams