Re: [tied] Dating PIE

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 10238
Date: 2001-10-15

Dixon says "3,000 years".


--- In cybalist@..., "P&G" <petegray@...> wrote:
> > "What is known with a fair degree of certainty is the
> > time between proto-Indo-Aryan and the modern Indo-Aryan
languages --
> > something in the order of 1,000 years.
> Dixon is, alas, wrong, or else you have inadvertently typed the
> number. We have Sanskrit attested from c700BC, and other evidence
> that some of what is recorded by 700 BC was originally written 400
or 500
> years earlier than that. So the known time from Old Indian to the
> Indo-Aryan languages is at least 3000 years.