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Message: 9787
Date: 2001-09-25

Hi, Torsten
>Could it be Goths? This would mean that we would
> have to push Jordanes account of the arrival of the Goths back
> several hundred years from the usually assumed 300 CE.

Jordanes doesn't say that the Goths arrived 300 CE but 1490 BCE!!!

This I learned in a July -discussion in Gothic-l Dirk there finally
wraps up the discussion in this message:
Jordanes does mention a year. From Andreas' message 4588:

"Jordanes, Getica, 25 and 94 f. and his own introduction to "Typen
Ethnogenese"(vol.1, Wien 1990, p.26) as further literature. There he
also cites Jordanes, Getica, 313, and here you will find that
Jordanes gives the duration of the Gothic kingship with 2030 years,
ending in 540 AD with the capitulation of Witigis:

Et sic famosum regnum fortissimamque gentem diu regnantem tandem pene
duomillesimo et tricesimo anno victor gentium diversarum Iustinianus
imperator per fidelissimum consulem vicit Belesarium, et perductum
Vitiges Constantinopolim patricii honore donavit."

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