Odin and Caesar

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Date: 2001-09-25

It occurred to me that if I would maintain that Snorri was right
about "Odin"'s trip from the Sea of Azov to Germany and Denmark, and
there spreading the Germanic language, I'd perhaps better find some
corroborating evidence.

Well, how about this:

Jordanes: The Origin and Deeds of the Goths

" XI (67) Then when Buruista was king of the Goths, Dicineus came to
Gothia at the time when Sulla ruled the Romans. Buruista received
Dicineus and gave him almost royal power. It was by his advice the
Goths ravaged the lands of the Germans, which the Franks now possess.
(68) Then came Caesar, the first of all the Romans to assume imperial
power and to subdue almost the whole world, who conquered all
kingdoms and even seized islands lying beyond our world, reposing in
the bosom of Ocean. He made tributary to the Romans those that knew
not the Roman name even by hearsay, and yet was unable to prevail
against the Goths, despite his frequent attempts. "

Caesar in battle with the Goths? Where did that happen? The movements
of Caesar are pretty well accounted for, so if this is to be true,
the Goths (rather, *some* Goths) must have been in Germany. But
that's also what Jordanes said they were. Could we read this as: some
Goths went to Germany, and there Caesar was unable to prevail against
them? That would fit nicely with Snorri's account.

The following is taking from Heinz Klingenberg: Odins Wanderzug nach

Sturlaugs saga starfsama: "Allir menn, þeir sem sannfróðir eru at um
tíðendi, vita, at Tyrkir ok Asíamenn byggðu Norðrlönd. Hófst þá tunga
sú, er síðan dreifðist um öll lönd. Formaðr þess fólks hét Óðinn, er
menn rekja aett til".

Frutolf von Michelsberg and Otto von Freising have

1) the same starting point for the Franks as Snorri's Æsir; Liber
historiae Francorum: "venerunt usque ripas Tanais fluminis. Ingressi
Meotidas paludes navigantes".

2) Corresponding to Snorri's Ásgárd they have a "civitas Sicambria",
the Franks lived there many years and became a mighty people (Liber
historiae Francorum: "coeperunt aedificare civitatem memoriale eorum
appellaveruntque eam Sicambriam; habitaveruntque illic annis multis
creveruntque in gentem magnam"

3) Snorri: Ódin made war on his neighbors and took possession of many
lands "eignaðisk morg ríki".

Liber Historiae Francorum: The Sicambrian Trojans (=Franks) extended
their borders to Pannonia (Liber historiae Francorum: "pervenerunt
iuxta terminos Pannoniarum iuxta Meotides paludes",
Frutolf: "terminos suos usque in Pannoniam dilataverunt").

And I'm wondering about:

(civitas) Sicambria/the Germanic people Sugambri (Tacitus)/the
original Germanic people Gambrivi (Tacitus)/Cimbri. Any connection?
PIE *su- "good"?