Re: [tied] Thoughts on the existence of *H1 revisited

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 9772
Date: 2001-09-25

Anne Lambert:
>Dear people, I've begun to enjoy this list very much, but I realize
>that I have little information on IE beginnings (apart from Mallory,
>which I will have to reread. Any suggestions for a reading list?

It depends on what you mean by IE beginnings: Cultural beginnings
or linguistic beginnings?

If you mean the former, of course, Mallory is great reading, however,
I'm not as familiar as I'd like to be on the archaeological/cultural

If you mean the latter, there isn't much done on Pre-IE stages
aside from vague outlines and stuff. If it was so well understood,
I suppose I wouldn't be so obsessed with my "Mid IE" theories as
I am.

Allen Bomhard is a Nostraticist who has written one book called
"IndoEuropean and the Nostratic Hypothesis". He's written others,
but this is the only book I have of his at the moment (since I'm
still trying to get my personal and financial life straightened
out... Some day I'll go on a book-buying spree). He writes some
stuff, sadly a little vague, about earlier stages of IE, together
with a long list of proposed Nostratic reconstructions (many of
which I'm skeptical of - but skepticism and Nostratic go well
together). Bomhard believes in an ejective IE (which I personally
don't think works well) but still he presents some interesting and
even plausible ideas nonetheless about the adventures of Pre-IE
and its ultimate origins.

Glen Gordon

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