Re: [tied] Re: Troy, Rasna and Turan

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 9765
Date: 2001-09-25

> What I'm getting at is that we again have a Tr-people with an
>important goddess similar to Turan and a culture similar to Etruscan.
>And a patron goddess similar to Turan at Troy. And a people-name
>Tyrrhenian, which looks like a good match. And another possible
>Tyrrhenian speaking people on Cyprus that probably had an important
>Turan-like goddess(See below as well)

So, Canadians are named Canadians because we are environmentalists
at heart and we like to collect "cans"? Superficial similarities
don't explain /ras'na/ or Egyptian [twrs^3] very well. I think you
are simply trying to force a connection that isn't there.

Glen Gordon

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> The Rasna thing seems to be a monkey wrench in the gears, but
>otherwise it seems like a pretty interesting(though circumstantial)
> > I suggested *Tarwese-na for multiple reasons. First, it correlates
> > Hittite /Taruisa/ and second, the Etruscan outcome agrees with the
> > accent rule I developed for Tyrrhenian where the accent tends to
> > be placed off of *a. Hence, Tarw´┐Żsena > Etr /ras'na/. The
> > of the Tyrrhenians with Troy also makes some historical &
> > sense.
>I think that linking the Tyrrhenians with the Troad makes good sense,
>but there are some difficulties getting them in the exact city of
>Wilusa/Ilion. As long as Troy is a region or a people, though, I
>think it works.
>Oh, and along the lines of Taru=Troy, doesn't Tarchon, Etruscan
>national hero, look rather like Tarkhunt, a variant of Taru?
> > >And as long as we are talking about Tyrrhenian and the goddess
> > >wasn't Cyprus one of the mythic points of origin for Aphrodite?
> >
> > Actually, I would say that she derives from the neolithic and
> > to the Eastern Mediterranean in general. The whole goddess
>archetype thing.
>I agree. But when a myth says a deity is born somewhere specific, it
>suggests that there is some particular association with this place,
>likely a strong and early center of worship.
> I suggest that if worship of Turan was particularly strong on
>Cyprus , and Turan was equated w/ Aphrodite, then this could well be
>the reason we have a story of Aphrodite being born on cyprus.
> And that these Turan worshippers could well be Tyrrhenian speaking
>people who left us Eteo-Cyrpiot.
>-Cort Williams

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