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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2001-09-24

Who (other than David Frawley) delinks the PGW culture from the Indo-Aryans, and on what grounds? And who or what do they link it to instead? As for the proportion of horse bones among faunal remains, it is not high anywhere, including the focal areas of horse domestication and places where the horse is known to have been culturally and ritually important. Archaeologists excavating a Texan cattle ranch in the fifth millennium will find heaps of cattle bones plus an odd horse skull, a handful of loose teeth and a few postcranial fragments (and even fewer, if any, human remains). But one should not play down the difference between non-occurrence -- or, at best, sporadic and debatable occurrence -- and relatively rare but systematic and unambiguous attestation.
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That is precisely what the archaeological evidence contradicts. Just two skeletons in Gandharan grave culture, few bones in Bhagwanpura, and some in Hastinapura etc. at PGW levels, typically below 1.5% of total faunal remains. The PGW culture, as you might know, is anyways now delinked with 'Aryans'.