Re: Apollo

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 9701
Date: 2001-09-23


I agree, Appa-liunas' not Lion or Bull Lord, rather it's Father-Lord
of Light.

First note; The Iliad says the people of Lemnos at the time of Trojan
War were Minyans. Then why would anyone be so eager to own the foul
smelling Lemnos? Unless that was the sweet smell of success? The
Hittites mention Lazpa, likely Lesbos, as well. However, its clear
that Taruisa and Troy are not the same place. In Tudhalias' Assuwa
victory text, a number of Anatolian towns are mentioned. These
include from south to north; Taruisa (Tyras) and Wilusiya-Wilusa
(Ilios). However, there also is an Antolian town in Hittite texts
called Iliunna, which may include the ending found in Appa-liuna.

I found the following Anatolian towns in Hittite documents: Purandas
(Priene), Lipa (Lebedus), Attarimma, Huwarsanassa (Halicarnassus),
Apasa (Ephesus), and Suruda (Sardis). I can not find a match for
Attarimma, except the name appears to be similar in style to Appa-
liuna. As in Atta-rimma, or lord-mother of something. It looks a
little like Artemis.

There also is a reference while, campaigning in Anatolia to a god of
plague, sudden death, and thunderbolts (meteors) called Tarhunnas.
Could this be Tyrrhena-s? This is included in a western Anatolian
personal name from this period, Manapa-Tarhuntas.

Last note: I found in Herodot, Histories 2.51; a reference to the
mysteries of Kabeiroi on Samothrace, said to be ritual of the
Pelasgians. The Kabeiroi has something to do with a divine method of

JS Crary