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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2001-02-20

But all Germanic forms of "tooth" go back to the same PGmc. form *tanT! The Dutch version is closest to the original. OHG had zand which has become zahn in Modern German ("ah" cannot continue Germanic *o: < PIE *o:) In English, we have pre-fricative nasal deletion with compensatory lengthening *tanT > *ta~:T > OE to:T. Old Norse had tann < *tanT by regular assimilation (so still in West Scandinavian). The Danish/Swedish -d is of later origin, as in mand, and should NOT be directly compared with Dutch tand.
BTW, the zero grade *dnt- probably survives in tusk < tu:sc < *tu:T-sk- < *tunT-ska-z
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Yes, as I thought. Someone ought to do a systematic exposé of of
this. Actually I thought up something around "tooth". Something like:

  Nom.  do:n
  Acc.  dent-
  Gen.  dnt-

I know this is horrible and with all kinds of details wrong. But look:

  German    Zahn-
  Du., Sca. tand-
  English   tooth