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Date: 2001-02-15

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> *Iggvars fits pefectly as well. I'm not sure about E Scandinavian
> form, but if it cointains -n- (something like Ingv-) it should be
> banned immediately - it had to yield Old Russian **E,gorI, Russ.
> **JagorI - nonexistent forms. Besides, Old Russian IgorI and
> were consistently treated as being different (one prince of the
> family at the same time could bear the name of IgorI, while
another -
> IngUvarI). Two different sources?
> Sergei

I thought Gothic -gg- should be read -ng- as in Greek? AFAIK "Iggvar"
exists only as a Gothic writing of "Ingvar". Galster proposes Da.
Ivar (I don't know the exact ON form, but I know the name was used