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Date: 2001-02-14

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> > What do you make of the names of the early Rus rulers (he said
> > his nose in mr. Galster's book): Rurik, Oleg and Igor, supposedly
> > Rørek, Helge and Iver (which he even call Scylding, thus Danish
> > names)?
> >
> > Torsten
> Germanic philology is not my string point, but what if we
> recinstruct, eg, Gothic forms of these names (Old Russian R'urikU,
> OlIgU, OlIga, IgorI:IngUvarI)? Please note also: it's sometimes
> to distinguish persons of RusI origin from persons of Varingian
> Russian vare,zI) origin. Other Germanic name mentioned in Russian
> chrinicles are SfinUkelU (RusI), AskolIdU, DirU (Varangians),
> SveNIlIdU (?). Varangians well might be Danes (among others), your
> mention of Danes in Kiev is absolutely right (but there were large
> colonies of Jews, Khazars, Greeks etc. in Kiev as well).
> Porphyrogenetes enumerates 'Rho:~s'ish (='RusI'ish) names of
> rapids which are certainly Germanic, but AFASK some interpret them
> Scandinavian, some doubt. I'll try to post the names ASAP.
> Sergei

Yes, but Galster's point was: Hrørek and Helge were names of the
Scylding (Skjoldung-) kings of Roskilde on Sjælland (around 550?).
Ingvar is Swedish enough. Those two first names are not known as
names of Swedish kings. Galster also points out that Migration-time
Germanic kings would have allitterating names within the same dynasty
(here h-)