Re: [tied] Lemnos stele

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 5686
Date: 2001-01-21

>I forgot to send this. If anyone still cares, here it is...

I'm starting not to...

I had stated some hard problems that Miguel still refuses
to face rationally because he cannot accept the crisp knock of
Logic's gavel:
>> - opposite of expected Etruscan number order
>> (We find Etruscan /ci zathrum/ "23" not */zathrum ci/)
>> - impossible sound correspondances
>> ([kH] => [r]??? mach == mara-????)
>> - impossible semantics when translated in context
>> (/aviz/ repeated twice in same phrase!!?)

Miguel, I'm not interested in your insanity. I'm interested
in logic and credible viewpoints. The comparative phonetics,
word order, semantics AND strange, repeated usage of /avis/
in your translation are all so clearly contradictive to your
analysis despite your blindness that I must terminate this
fruitless discussion.

Your million-and-one patchwork assumptions and what-if's,
from a preEtruscan **mava to the unlikely IE dissection of
*penkWe that no IEist worth his weight in gold could swallow,
are truely an awe-inspiring masterpiece for those who
wish to follow in your antiestablishment footsteps but
these theories remain unremediable dislogic.

Goodbye now.

- gLeN

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