Re: Fire and the naughty little squirrel

From: Mark Odegard
Message: 5631
Date: 2001-01-19

gLeNny-poo writes:

>Teehee! Thoughts? Anyone recommend a good mental asylum?

One where felching (is that the word?) is encouraged?

A good question. Does the Steppe have thunderboomers like the American
Midwest/Great Plains? Gargantuan thunderclouds bringing fierce storms
and sometimes tornados, but also bizarre atmospheric effects, as with
my earlier mention of clear skys and dry concrete vs the dark dank
gray flood on the other side of the concrete, all in 10 square feet.
The stormfront's passing is indeed remarkable.

Yes. Thunderbirds (probably condors in North America, as well as any
large raptor doing the thermals). Lord Day-Sky and Lord Storm are

The fallen-to-earth remains of Zeus' thunderbolts, so I read (Graves,
I think) were cuttlefish fossils, which explains its odd shape in
Greek art.