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From: stefan
Message: 5627
Date: 2001-01-18

From: "HÃ¥kan Lindgren" <h5@...>

> Hej Stefan!
> Would you like to explain a little more about the concept of
synchronicity? I'm not sure if this concept can be applied to
linguistics but still, it would be interesting to hear more about
Hello, Hakan

Synchronicity can be applied to a wide range of disciplines
but, unfortunately, the subject has been hijacked by some fringe
movements and there is quite a lot of misinformation around.

"Synchronicty, Science and Soul Making is a scientific consideration
of the subject by Victor Mansfield, Professor of Physics and
Astronomy at Colgate University

but as an introduction to the subject I would suggest that you read
his essay first
Other info (bibliography) is on this link.

Can synchronicity be applied to linguistics? I think so, but it
depends on whether you want to consider the spiritual side of
language or its mechanics. Language is like a motor car. Some people
want it for the pleasure of travelling, others are interested mainly
in the bits and pieces under the bonnet.
Synchronicity has its appeal to travellers; mechanics would probably
find it irrelevant.