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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2001-01-17

What do you mean, "Däniken-like"? Were they extraterrestrials? The Sunda and Sahul shelves were repeteadly submerged and exposed during the Pleistocene, and the most recent submergence was practically complete some 10000 ago, with only minor oscilations to follow. There were several similar events worldwide at the same time. There was no lost "continent" there; Sundaland was basically the Malaysian Peninsula, enlarged and with a landbridge connecting it with Asia. If you're interested in geology and prehistoric migrations, why not read some scientific literature rather than New Agey trash?
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... I am a firm believer in a theory of my own making (or rather, pieced together from the writings of Stephen Oppenheimer and Paul Manansala (on the net), that people from the vanished Sundaland (aka Indonesian Sea) started (von Däniken-like) the culture and hence expansion of IE, AA and Elamo-Dravidian ...