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From: Darwin R. Garcia
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Date: 2001-01-08

Hi Morten,
I am what you might consider a gross amateur in both the fields of linguistics and archaeology. Nevertheless, my interest in both, among other things, is quite strong. So, I hope you will bear with me on this query?
I have not heard of trade/interaction between the Baltic people and the Romans/Greeks in the pre-Christian era! Could you point me toward resources that elaborate on this?
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From: morten thoresen
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Subject: [tied] etruscan

It is well documented that the norse and danes during the viking age
ruled great parts of western europe. Norse kings ruled in Ireland,
England, Isle of Man, Scotland and Normandie(Gangerolv/Rolv/Rollo).
Snorre (13th century) tells of raids in the Mediterrinean sea, Sicily,
Africa, Spain etc. Archeology also shows that norse traded with Roman
Empire and Italy well before Christ. Read history.