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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2001-01-08

(1) I don't know what your sources are, or how old they are. The Przeworsk culture used to be identified with the Proto-Slavs by Polish linguists and archaeologist (it was once considered a patriotic duty to emphatically deny that it could be anything else, *especially* anything Germanic), but now it's generally associated with Germanic-speaking peoples (the Lugian "federation", roughly = the Vandals).
(2) A native etymology is preferable, as there's no evidence of a vowel between the *n and the *t.
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(1) According to what I've read on the topic thus far, the Przeworsk
culture is associated just with Proto-Slavs (and is considered
ancestor of the 'Prague pottery'-subcultures). My sources go heretic?

(2) One of the etymologies of Old Russian V'atichi 'nom. prop. of a
tribe' has it as: < *ve,t-itj-i and connects this *ve,t-<*vent- with
at least Jordanes' Venethae. Note also that, according to toponymic
(Moscow district and area west of Moscow), annalistic and some other
evidence V'atichi where of Lechitian, West Slavic origin.
Other etymology derives this 'tribonym' from Common Slavic *ve,t-
'great, many, strong' (cf. OCS ve,s^tI 'great').