Re: [tied] Re: Computer puzzle

From: Rex H. McTyeire
Message: 5311
Date: 2001-01-04

Hi Ingegerd.
I think what you may be describing is a problem with HTML transmission
through eGroups to your system, where your mouse focus settings allow your
computer to think you are trying to respond to the ad link. Try going to
the eGroups page, go to the cybalist main page, click on "Modify" in the top
right corner under membership..where you will find a list of options to
include receiving in "HTML" or "plain text". Change the option you
currently have selected and see if it impacts on your problem. By "banner",
I assume you mean the multicolor advertising plate at the bottom on some
cybalist mail..indicating you are currently set to receive HTML for this
list, but maybe not others, and many cybalist subscribers send in the
If that solves the problem, you can then adjust the read format and fonts
to your liking within your mail system, losing only color transmission and
some "author" formatting..while reducing the size of your downloads.
If that does not work, make sure your mouse settings require a click for
selection, and not just mouse over: you can change this in any explorer
window in the Tools menu. Click on folder options, which gets you a
dialogue with the first tab open: "general". at the bottom is "Click items
as follows" If you have "single click to open (point to select)" elected;
then change to "Double click to open an item (single click to

Hope this helps,

Cu Stima;
Rex H. McTyeire
Bucharest, Romania