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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2001-01-04

Connected in what way? Whatever its origin, Germanic dani- certainly does not derive from anything like PIE *da:nu- (as the river word is shakily reconstructed). Do you mean that the name of the Danes is a post-Grimm's Law borrowing from some language of the Pontic area (Sarmatian?)? How does that square with the external history of Scandinavian, Iranian, "Ruthenian", etc.?? I'm confused.
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From: Torsten Pedersen
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Also, but now I'm getting very speculative, some have
connected "Dane" with *dan- "river" (as in Don, Dniepr, Dniestr).
This would then be a river people doing trade through Russia. Saxo
Grammaticus mentions conflicts between Danes and Ruthenians.
Ruthenians in this context are Ukrainians.