Re: Cursing in Russian

From: Torsten Pedersen
Message: 5305
Date: 2001-01-04

--- In, s.tarasovas@... wrote:
> --- In, "Christopher Straughn"
> wrote:
> > I think what
> > was meant was that the concept of using sex as an expletive or
> insult came
> > from Turkish.
> OK, and I was trying to reason that the statement concerning the
> CONCEPT is as incorrect as the statement (not made by Torsten, but
> many other people) concerning inventory itself is incorrect. By the
> way, I think Torsten meant Turkic (the Turkic-speaking nations in
> general, like the Tartars, the Azerbaijani, the Kazakhs etc, not
> the Turks).
> Sergei

Actually, I didn't mean one thing or the other, I was relating the
opinion of a book I read several years ago. As to my personal
opinion, when I was in the States many years ago, I encountered for
the first time the ideas of giving the finger, fuck you! and m.f.
etc, the whole concept of sex as humiliation. The whole thing was
completely foreign to me. I mean sex was supposed to be nice, so why
using it for power play and insult (ah, those were the days!)? Today
the ultimate insult in Denmark is "fuck dig, mand!". You can draw
your own sociology lessons from that.