Re: etruscan, Lydian and Greek inscriptions

From: oko@...
Message: 5291
Date: 2001-01-04

--- In, "Mark Odegard" <markodegard@...> wrote:
> Piotr is ever so polite.
> But, dear John, your own website says Etruscan is intelligable as
> Ukranian. This is approximately like saying the Earth is flat, or
> Vladimir Putin has invented perpetual motion, and come this
> Valentine's day, every last Russian will be driving a Mercedes (the
> Russian mafia actually can deliver on this last promise, provided
> whore yourself).
> Just go and hide in a corner, and get yourself educated, then
> some four or five years later.
> I'm the amateur who dismisses your views as total rubbish. I 'dis'
> them.
> Mark Odegard.

Dear Mark, I did not say that. In my home page I just give meaning in
English. In the future I will transliterate Etruscan cipher to the
present day Ukrainian alphabet like I done in Lydian and Greek
section. Than by ading vowels any one who speak Ukrainian will
understand what is written over 2,000 years by Etruscan.

John Stojko