Re: [tied] A few more risque words

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 5271
Date: 2001-01-02

*Djeu pxter, zum Teufel, how very alternative!


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> Perhaps this next smelly site will help - the Alternative
> Dictionary. Some recognizable Germanic words can be found
like /skita/ (Eng.
> /shit/). My favourite word is /rvsm r/ which illustrates
vividly the
> enormous perils associated with man's eternal quest for
the ultimate
> thunder-fart. My gramma never taught me _these_ when I was
a little bg
> growing up:
> Actually, on a more serious note, it's interesting that
Swedish apparently
> uses a "devil" swear in a similar way as Cantonese.
(Doesn't exist as an
> expletive in English as far as I know). I wonder if IEs
might have had
> "religious" swearwords too... Hmm...
> - gLeN