Re: [tied] Hermes etymology & anthropomorphic maps

From: Christopher Gwinn
Message: 5252
Date: 2001-01-01

On a side note,
I have recently stumbled upon an article in a Celtic syudies journal that
claims Old Norse Lodhur (who is normally thought to = Latin Liber from
*Leudhes) is found in a runic inscription as Logathor, which is explained as
coming from Loga- "fire" + thor "impeller," or perhaps *Leuk-et-o (note
Gaulish god Lucetius, a healing god, whose name seems to match Welsh lluched
and Irish lochet "lightning," but note Welsh llucheden [*leuk-et-en-o]

In one of the Eddas, Odinn is part of a trinity including Hoenir and Lodhur
(who would seem to be allonyms for Vili and Ve), but in the Volsung saga,
Odin is part of a trilogy with Hoenir and Loki - this might suggest that
Loki was an allonym for Lodhur.

Thus we can imagine:

PIE *Leuk-et-[...] "Burner" > Runic Logathor > Old Norse Lodhur, one of
Odinn's two companions

PIE *Leug-[...] "Break/Divide" > Old Norse Loki ("destroyer"), one of
Odinn's companions.

Perhaps Lodhur and Loki are two sides of the same divinity, one that heals
with heat (like the Gaulish healer god Leucetius), and the other that
destroys with fire?

-Chris Gwinn