Re: [tied] Hermes etymology & anthropomorphic maps

From: João Simões Lopes Filho
Message: 5244
Date: 2000-12-31

We must have expect ON Loki < *Germanic Lokan < *IE *Lugon, but...
...maybe ON Loki < *Luhakan < *Luko-gon "flame-born" ?
I've been look for the trickster in Celtic tales, but I still couldnt find
any messenger fire-god or something like.
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From: Christopher Gwinn <sonno3@...>
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Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2000 10:45 PM
Subject: Re: [tied] Hermes etymology & anthropomorphic maps

> > It would seem that Hermes is derived from the polymorphic fire god
> *XegWnis
> > (or should it be *Lukis < *leuk- "to shine"?) who frequently gets
> > into mischief -> Celtic Lugh/Lleu, Norse Loki & Indic Agni.
> I don't think that we can derive Lugus/Lug/Lleu from PIE *leuk-. First of
> all, PIE -k- becomes Celtic -c-, so we need to propose a variant to *leuk,
> PIE *leug- - I don't think this can be sufficiently proved.
> Furthermore, I have only ever seen Loki derived from PIE *leug- "divide"
> don't think that PIE -k- can give a Norse/Icelandic -k-; a derivative of
> *leuk, on the other hand, gives Old Icelandic logi "flame").
> I personally see the fire/solar connection with Lug as being a late (and
> often misunderstood) accretion. Much more likely that Lugus/Lug/Lleu are
> Celtic reflexes of Germanic *Watonaz.
> Where do we have evidence of Lug/Lleu getting into "mischief?" Nowhere
> I have seen.
> -Chris Gwinn