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From: João Simões Lopes Filho
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Date: 2000-12-31

I'd like to correct my mistake:
When I said
" Asklepios can be a similar epithetus, although I can't remember."
I meant to say that he can have a similar epithetus, not that his name
Asklepios meant "fire-saved".
In fact Ganesha and Asklepios have similar rodent symbols. Maybe
Ganesha-Asklepios was a son of Rudra-Apollon, or just another aspect of this
same god (IE god of medicine and pestilence; he heals and kills; the
avenger; the archer; lord of Northern Snows - cf. Hyperborean Apollon and
Hymalayan Rudra ).
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From: Chris Gwinn <sonno3@...>
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> > "Fire-born = Lightning-born", Akhiles is Pyrisoos "Fire-saved" and
> Asklepios
> > can be a similar epithetus, although I can't remember.
> Asklepios comes from skalops "blind rat, rat, mole" - moles and rats
> being connected with healing/bringing disease.
> Of course, Rudra and Ganesha are both connected with rodents - thus
> Rudra-Ganesha are seen as the Vedic reflex of Greek Apollo-Asklepios.
> -Chris Gwinn