Re: The sexual life of the IEs

From: s.tarasovas@...
Message: 5220
Date: 2000-12-30

> The current equivalent (and a first-magnitude swear-word, like
> jebac' < *jebH-) is pizda < *pisda:, also a (dialectal) IE
> word, attested outside Slavic. The original meaning was
> perhaps 'anus' (favoured by those who analyse it as a
> variant of *pesd-) or just 'buttocks, bottom' (if analysed
> as *pi-sd- 'seat').
> Piotr

I personally have always analyzed this word as *pisIda, a regular -Id-
derivate from *pisati:pisiti 'urinate', the same pattern as with
*pravIda 'truth'<*praviti 'straighten',
*krivIda 'falsehood'<*kriviti 'crook'