Re: Sumer loses its Underworld?

From: jdcroft@...
Message: 5215
Date: 2000-12-30

Glen wrote

> What confuses me is how John seems to be chumming to Janeen's side
> support of a Sumer-derived agriculture (?!) when he was singing a
> tune some monthes ago regarding the northern Zagros at 9000 BCE
being the
> true source of agriculture. Let's make up our minds and stop pussy-
> around inevitable conclusions.
> The Sumerians certainly didn't invent agriculture. The originality
> Sumerian writing is also put into doubt and astrology is more
likely to be
> based on earlier beliefs rather than "invented" from the ether.
What are you
> people trying to prove again?

Glen I have never, never claimed the Sumerians invented agriculture.
They had a big hand in inventing irrigated argiculture, and certainly
invented city living. Vinca culture in no way throws the
achievenment of Sumerian writing into doubt, despite what some have
said. All IE reconstructions are based on languages written down
long after Mesopotamian influence had circumnavigated the
Mediterranean, and penetrated deep into Europe.