Tonal IE languages

From: Thomas Nordengen
Message: 4795
Date: 2000-11-21

My language Norwegian is often referred to as a "singing" or tonal
language. Are Norwegian and Swedish the only IE tonal languages? When
I hear old recordings of Norwegian language (f.ex. 50-70 years old),
I have a feeling that they speak slightly less "tonally" than
Norwegians today. I'm afraid to give examples since I'm not a
linguist, but I'll try anyway:

The word "så" has two meanings:

- saw (of "to see")
- then, thereafter

These had identical pronounciation earlier, but now the first would
be pronounced with a falling tone, while the latter with a neutral or
climbing tone.

Is the Norwegian language evolving rapidly in a "tonal direction", or
is it my imagination playing with me?