Re: [tied] Re: Por favor, no tenga una vaca, hombre!

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 4783
Date: 2000-11-19

Mark O:
>I wonder, Glen, if all Canadians named Glen have weird personalities.
>There are moments when you and the late Mr. Gould would seem to be

That's an interesting hypothesis you have there. I don't think the problem
stems from Canada per se although the low population here can make any
person of various nomenclature veeeeery lonely. I think the problem is a
global issue where all people who are unfortunate enough to be named Glen
are concerned. Let's face it. Whatever Irish drunkard invented the name Glen
should be shot at close range. Ach, the lucky bastard is probably not alive
now anyway. But it's such a bad choice to make when flipping through the
baby names book, don't you think? My first and last names when taken
together seem to mean "Valley Round-Hill". Great, I'm reduced to a
paradoxical geographical setting. That's why when my parents get old and
crippled, I'm not going to be cruel and put them in a nursing home like so
many uncaring sons do... it'll be the weiner factory for them, hehehe.

Why can't we all name our children manlier names like Troy, Lance, Luke or
Biff, y'know? I suppose it could be worse... I could have been named
Zachary. Then I would've had REAL emotional problems. Ya always gotta look
on the bright side, I tell ya.

- gLeN

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