Re: Catching up again...

From: jdcroft@...
Message: 4714
Date: 2000-11-14

Glen wrote:
> John, after eagerly scanning my quotes for anything to use against
me as
> usual, states:
> >No, the making of wine is significantly after the beginnings of
> >agriculture. It is currently accepted as being some time around
> >BCE, and is associated with Flannery's "Secondary Products
> >Revolution", which occurred significantly after the first flush of
> >neolithic in the Middle East (circa 8,500 BCE).
> Right, 5500 BCE... which is... around the beginnings of agriculture
> EUROPE... as I had said. If 500+ years is "significantly after",
fine. I
> don't care. With this, we may even make the timeframe tighter (5500-
> BCE).

Glen, the secondary products revolution did not begin in Europe until
the transition after LBK Danubian I culture. It took time to diffuse
north from the Middle East.