Re: [tied] Catching up again...

From: Miguel Carrasquer Vidal
Message: 4709
Date: 2000-11-13

On Mon, 13 Nov 2000 07:30:48 GMT, "Glen Gordon"
<glengordon01@...> wrote:

>The full form is with *y- in IE so don't put
>parantheses around something that truely exists. It's plain to see that *us-
>is a phonetic simplification of the full *yu(:)s- in mimickry of the pattern
>found in the other pronouns, not vice versa (note: *tu vs *te/*twe where the
>latter is the simpler enclitic version for use in the oblique). Your *sw-
>isn't supposed to become *y- and so your logic is clearly in conflict with
>itself. Don't hide, address the problem.

The y- is an automatic glide. It's probably not there in Slavic vy
(*u:, with w-glide), it's not there in oblique *usme (except in cases
where *y- or *i- was prefixed in analogy with the nominative, such as
Gmc. *izwis/*inkwis), and it wasn't there when the "extended enclitic"
forms (for want of a better term) were created: *ns-me -> *nos,
*nh3-we -> *noh3; *us-me -> *wos, *uh3-we -> *woh3. In other words,
the addition of *y- certainly postdates the development of
*msme/*mh3we to *nsme/*nh3we (or *-ms > *-ns).

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal