Bhishma = Moon God?

From: João Simões Lopes Filho
Message: 4174
Date: 2000-10-08

Yesterday I was focusing myself at the problem of Bhishma at Mahabharatta. Dumezil (followed by Puhvel and Leveque) considered Bhishm as an "epic incarnation" of Sky-Father Dyaus Pitar.
I disagree humblely, because Bhishma role was of a kind of "uncle" of the heroes. He had no child, and was a tutor and teacher of the Pandavah. Dyaus was basicly a progenitor, a "father of gods", an "All-Father". SO, I think the more adequate incarnation of Dyaus in Mahabharata was Vyasa, the progenitor of the entire clan.
I've got new ideas that changed my direction. Bhishma was equated by DUmezil with Norse Heimdallr, Roman Janus (with female version Diana) and Celtic Lugus (Irish Lugh, Welsh Llew). This god was son of the waters (Bhishma begot by river-goddess Ganga; Heimdallr by nine sea giantesses, Llew born in water). I've been trying to fit this god in my schemes, and it was very hard . He was a sort of god of the Time, the first to born, the first to die in Final Battle.
My new ideas led me to define this god as the Moon-God.
1) Bhishma's armour and vests were "silver-white as the moon". The Moon was born from churning of Milk Sea.
2) I'm also link the Indian Moon-God Candra to the god of paths and cattle, Pushan. Pushan drives wolves away with your charriot, like Norse Moon was chased by wolves. Pushan was linked to Greek Pan (Moon's lover, according to a legend) and Pan's father Hermes (also god of cattle, travellers, and psychopomp). His sacred animal would be goat or sheep.
I think in India the original lunar traits of Pushan was absorbed by some Pre-IE Moon god, similar to Elamo-Dravidian and Sumerian Moon-God, and Pushan was "lowered" to a minor god.
This IE Moon-God (*Me:ns) was born from the Milk Sea and he would be the leader of Vanir-like Clan, becoming also tutor of Aesir-like gods. Other possibility is that he was born from some part of the body of the Primordial Giant (eyes? semen?)
Joao SL