Re: [tied] Nereus and nerove

From: Christopher Gwinn
Message: 4134
Date: 2000-10-04

I think Pokorny's ner- (3.) "intrude/dive under/hide away" might be
pertinent as well - for it is explained as the root behind several European
River names as well as words for swimming/diving.

-C. Gwinn

> > Ah, that's good. Nereus, Nera and nero:ve. Some IE God of Waters?
> After all, why couldn't it be also connected with the Germanic
> goddess Nerthus described by the Romans (Tacitus?)? If all these
> words were derived from a root *ner- meaning something like
> `(life-giving) strength', they would be also cognate to the
> Osco-Umbrian word _ner_, `man'...