Re: [tied] PIE theogony

From: Julianus
Message: 4024
Date: 2000-09-23

Glen Gordon wrote:

> Whoa! Just had a flash of inspiration, good ol' iced coffee kickin' in. :)

I wonder if there's a plausable way to derive 'coffee' from 'soma'? :-)

> Hmm, this is alot like Mayan myth (We are under the Fifth Sun, I
> think).

We're in the Fourth Sun, approaching the Fifth, which will begin
according to most interpretations of the relevant calendars around
Christmas of 2012. The world is supposed to be destroyed by
earthquakes. I'm not sure but I think this may owe more to the Aztecs
than the Mayans.

-- John

‘Nothing on the face of this earth -- and I do mean nothing -- is half
so dangerous as a children’s story that happens to be real, and you and
I are wandering blindfolded through a myth devised by a maniac.’
-- Master Li Kao (T’ang Dynasty)

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