Signing Off (and a word on WANAX)

From: dpoulter@...
Message: 4017
Date: 2000-09-23

Just to say that I'm in the process of moving back to UK, so I won't
be posting for a while, although I'll stay subscribed and follow
what's going on as I can.

I was interested in Piotr's dismissal of the Greek-Tocharian linkage
for "wanax", and the, to my mind, unconvincing, analysis as *w@...
. So perhaps the Bernalian etymology from Egyptian 3nKH Dt is still a
In it's defence, it's meaning : "May he live eternally", is a formula
used with Pharoah's names, so it has a connection with royalty.
From Coptic evidence, there are the forms :
3nKH, or 3nkKH, in Coptic as o:nh, one:
Dt is found in Coptic to:re from Hier. Dt/Drt

So, one could postulate a pronunciation something like : on(a)k(h)to.

Cheers for now