Re: [tied] Re: Wheels.

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 4004
Date: 2000-09-22

>The point of this non-scientific bon mot was to express disagreement >with
>Bohr's "Copenhagen interpretation" of quantum theory, which could >with
>some justice be regarded as influenced by Eastern thought.

Thank you.

>Einstein was defending, figuratively, the Great Clockmaker, the
> >deterministic God of the West (and he was wrong, by the way). Do you
> >mean that anything unscientific, religious or spiritual is "lux ex
> >oriente"???

??? Erh... Petre, care, ne mihi dictus est. Credo que lux ex _tote_ venit.
Pardon my fabricated Latin grammar. :) Influences come from all directions.

This topic arose first from John's analogy between Einstein and lapplanders
(or whatever the culture it was he used, I forget). My resulting point about
Einstein was a way of illustrating that all culture, all thought, all
perception is influenced by our environment. Even cultures are subject to
influence from neighbouring ones. There is no culture in isolation, nor was
this the case in prehistoric times. This is why I'm pretty sure that IE was
influenced by MiddleEastern views, among others, at an early date, via the
European neolithic in this case. I'm also sure that Sumerians weren't
inventors in isolation either.

Piotr says of Einstein's "Clockmaker" view:
>(and he was wrong, by the way)

Technically... if the universe extends into a myriad of other dimensions
beyond just four (nb: string theory) and if particles can actually travel
back in time (positrons can be viewed as backward travelling electrons), the
only way this can be conceived is by adopting a parallel universe view. The
present and past then can be seen as two distinct and seperate
three-dimensional universes, seperate because there are many pasts, many
presents and many futures (ie: quantum mechanics). If so, it would appear
that God truely doesn't play dice since everything has been designed so

At any rate, we already established that I'm a wave-particle kinda guy. I
hope this topic isn't getting too bohring for some people :P

- gLeN

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