Re: Religion

From: John Croft
Message: 3983
Date: 2000-09-22

Glen wrote

> John, I'm not arguing that the Bible has a Sumerian source. It also
> obviously has a Semitic source as well.
> It's a different thing to say the Bible stories ultimately derive,
at least
> mainly, from Sumerian tradition and to say that ALL mythological
> derive from the Sumerians. The latter idea is improbable given the
> nature of belief which tends to have MANY sources rather than just

I agree. But given this reality to try to uncover belief systems of
7000 BCE as you claim you are able to do is an impossible thing to
do. Religious beliefs change much faster than language. New belief
systems then get very quickly incorporated into older systems,
submerging their beliefs almost totally. Beyond the oldest written
inscriptions and a few archaeological interpretations based upon
statuary icons, almost nothing can be said.

Rather than continue the pointless tit for tat, however, I'll follow
your example and do an essay on my understanding of the situation and
then we can have a real basis of discussion here. Then you can
really take potshots at me.