Re: Thunderbolt

From: ARKURGAL@...
Message: 3980
Date: 2000-09-22

--- In, "Glen Gordon" <glengordon01@...> wrote:
> >About the thunderbolt symbol associated with the Thunder Gods, a
> >double trident, observed in images representing ZEUS, HADAD, ODIN
> >medieval Iceland), INDRA: it might have a semitic origin, yet, it
> >exists in India as well, so, could this symbol come from very
> >IE, instead of semitic folks?
> Oh-oh, looks like Ark is about to realise that IE mythology isn't
> independent nor influential to MiddleEastern beliefs. Sshh, be
still and
> let's observe the changing tides of opinion unfold...

Oh-oh, looks like Gord not only did not understand what I was saying,
again, but also avoids to give one of his complete, definitive and
simple explanations based on BAAL-ASTARTE, EL, MARDUK, underworldly-
it-never-fails, «can't you see?!...»