Re: PIE theogony

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Date: 2000-09-22

--- In, João Simões Lopes Filho
> A little attempt of a PIE Theogony
> 2) The old generation of gods: I'm still not sure, but I think
that's traits of an older generation of gods (cf. Greek Titans,
Indian Rshis or Prajapatis, cf. some Nordic Giants like Mimr or
Belsta that were more "cosmogonic" than "monstruous")
>Maybe this first generation represent the sacerdotal class... They
>were born or from the Cow or from the body of Giant.
Couldn't they represent Deities of vanquished folks, defeated by the
IE? Note that the sacerdotal class is not to be submited in any part
of the IE world: it may be true that in Greece this social level does
not exist, the same is also apliable to the nordic world -
interesting coincidence, anyway - but in India the brahmans rule the
society, more and more, and the same happens amongst the Celts.

> 3) Of this first generation, we have *Dyew, that had at least two
wives, the sisters *DyuHni: (Nocturnal Sky Goddess, cf. Aditi and
Dione) and Da:nu (?) (cf. Diti(Da:nu), mother of Danavas, and Domnu,
mother of Fomoire). DyuHni: was mother of the aesir-like gods),
*deiwo:s, and Da:nu of the Giants (cf. Nordic and Greek Giants,
Indian Asuras or Rakshasas, Celtic Fomoires)
*trsewes. (cf. Indian trsu- "monster", ON thyrs, from root ters- "to
tremble, to fear))
> 4) Th Cow's milk originated a sea of milk (cf. India and
Scandinavia). The gods and giants churn this sea to make
the "ambrosia". From the milk were born the Vanir-like gods (just a
guess!). The sea became salty.
> 5) The Vanir and Aesir fight, but became friends.
This might be equivalent to the fight followed by truce that occurs
in Rome, between the Roman Latins of Romulus and the Sabines of Titus